PARALLEL LINES || The Synopsis

The Word Cloud, above, displays audience reactions from staged readings of the new, original musical, PARALLEL LINES.

Just recently, PARALLEL LINES achieved coveted recognition as one of the “10 Best Plays or Musicals” read in 2019 (“The Broadway Producer Pick List”). Now, we invite you to read the Synopsis, below:

Estela Britt, a young, ambitious graduate student, enters the prestigious Hudson Branham University in hopes of learning from, and modeling her career after, esteemed award-winning scientist Helen Lorde-Roll. However, when Estela arrives at HBU, she finds a mentor who is tapped out of ideas and trapped in “publish or perish”. Yearning to advance and terrified of academic stagnation, Estela moves on from Helen, and in doing so falls into a world where integrity is optional – and achievement can destroy. In her darkest moments, Estela is forced to confront her long-held assumptions about fame and success, and to find a new definition of happiness.

Featuring book, lyrics, and music by Clé, PARALLEL LINES features a cast of 7 (4 female, 3 male). Its musical styles fuse the exuberance of pop ballads with the structured intensity of tango. Total running time: 105 minutes.



Estela arrives at the world-renowned Hudson Branham University. | ACT 1 Scene 2


Estela makes her ambitions known to her mentor, Helen. | ACT 1 Scene 3

I've Tried

Nora Heyman, Math Department secretary, bemoans her past and fears her future. | ACT 1 Scene 9

What's Inside

Estela and Ross, seemingly in agreement, approach the same topic from completely different perspectives. | ACT 1 Scene 13

Eager To Learn

Ross tries to teach Estela a lesson. | ACT II Scene 7


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